How to Make Fufu: African Dish

How to Make Fufu

Fufu is created by chemical change some cassava, additionally referred to as yuca root. The hard cassava is ground into a puree that is eventually braised into delicious fufu.

This can be eaten with variety of soups like ogbono soup or okra soup.

the foremost common means it’s eaten in Cameroon is with this vegetable known as eru. the mixture of water fufu and eru is completely delicious!

Within Nigeria, cassava fufu is eaten with different soups, bitter leaf soup, ogbono soup, and a number of alternative soups.

i really like it with Nigerian egusi soup!

So however will it style? Cassava Fufu features a taste that’s laborious to explain.

Let’s simply say it tastes like ground cassava (LOL, I am trying!) it’s a rubbery texture, and once paired with vegetable, it’s therefore smart.

Fufu may be a staple in a very smart range of African countries.

How to Make Fufu


half dozen giant tubers of cassava (yuca root)
two teaspoons sodium bicarbonate ex gratia


Peel the cassava. Cut every tuber into five or half dozen items then split every bit within the middle half wherever you'll be able to see  the fibre. Use a knife to elevate up the skin from the divided cassava then use your knife or hand to require off the total skin.

Wash the cassava totally and place in a very giant instrumentation. Pour in water to utterly cowl the cassava then add in 2 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate. cowl the instrumentation and keep it to ferment in a very heat corner for three - five days. to envision if the cassava is well hard, press together with your fingers, if it's soft then it's okay. Note that each one won't be terribly soft however if most area unit soft then you're smart to travel.

Strain the hard cassava to get rid of excess water. Then place in a very mixer or methodor|kitchen appliance} and process into a puree. you will got to try this in 2 batches.

currently take away any fibre you see within the puree. you’ll be able to try this by either running your hand through the puree and choosing out any fibre, or by adding water to the puree then passing it through a filter.

it can counseled that you simply use your hand.

if you plan on change of state the fufu directly.

Pour the puree into a clean room towel or cheese artefact the squeeze to get rid of excess water. If you more a lot of water to alter you pass the fufu through a filter, you will ought to squeeze longer. Or tightly tie the room artefact containing the puree and place within the sink with a significant object on prime to assist obtrude the water. once the surplus water is out, your fufu is prepared to be cooked!

To cook the cassava fufu:

Place the raw fufu in a very pot then run through it together with your hands to dissolve any excess lumps. Add 1 / 4 cup of water and blend to make a paste.

Place on medium high heat then cowl and let it rest for 2 minutes. Begin stirring with a wood spoon, compounding laborious enough to dissolve the lumps that type because it cooks.

Add water pro re nata (about one cup in total) whereas stirring to confirm that the fufu isn't too robust. Please see video to envision however the feel ought to be. Keep compounding on heat till the fufu moves from being bright white to associate off-white color. it's prepared once it's associate off-white color.

shut down the warmth then mildew the fufu into lumps (shaped like little logs of wood or like balls) if you would like.

fancy with any soup of choice!

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