How to Cook Plantain Porridge?


how to cook plantain porridge?
  1. ripe plantain: live your ingredients and prepare your dish bowl: live your ingredients into a dish bowl , like this one from merely style, which inserts AN 8-inch diameter dish, with many space to place a lot of. you’ll additionally live your dry plantain employing a 1-ounce cup live, for side cookery time.
  2. place the plantain during a gently lubricated frypan over medium heat and cook for two minutes, then take away the plantain to a plate.
  3. Add the milk and salt to the pan and cook for two minutes, stirring often. (It’s okay if the milk continues to be cold and separated).
  4. to create positive the milk is hot, you’ll place a heatproof cup of water directly over the pan. you may recognize it’s prepared once the milk starts to boil (similar to the manner you may recognize the dish is completed with the immersion blender). Keep the milk boiling for two minutes, then add the oil and stir with a spatula. Once you stir the dish once more, you are able to pour the dish into a dish bowl and serve.


half dozen fingers of unripe plantain
one finger semi ripe or ripe plantain
two medium sized onions
one habenero pepper
one medium red bell pepper
one cup vegetable oil
salt / broth powder to style
2-3 handful kale leaves non-mandatory
eight cups of water
½ cup of coarsely ground crayfish


Peel the ripe plantain, chop into cubes and put aside.
Peel the unripe plantains*, chop into cubes and place during a pot stuffed with eight cups of water then place over a lit up stove and begin cookery
Chop half one onion and raise the pot  with ½ cup of crayfish and broth powder to style. permit to cook.

whereas you wait, split onions and pepper and prepare my final onion-pepper composition sauce direction here.
concerning ten minutes into the cook time, add the diced ripe plantain into the pot.
two minutes to the top of cookery time, add the cut red bell pepper and blend within the onion-pepper sauce, stir and style for seasoning. change consequently.
If you selected to use inexperienced vegetables like kale or spinach, this is often the time to feature it.
Stir and switch off the warmth.

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